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????PDR •Glue Pull Only• NO ACCESS on Bodyline dent! #undented #PDR #toyota

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Thanks for watching everyone, we really appreciate it!????!! Feel free to hit that like and subscribe button! We always appreciate the Positive comments! Peace everyone ✌️ And have a beautiful day!

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Thanks for watching everyone, we really appreciate it!!
Feel free to hit that like and subscribe button as well, and
we always appreciate the Positive comments! Peace everyone And have a beautiful day!

#pdr #petersondentrepair #undented
#paintlessdentremoval #paintlessdentrepair
#pdrlifestyle #yelp #youtube
#dentdr #mobiledentrepair #USA #pdrtrainingvideos
#learnpdr #pd reducation #paintlessdentrepairlive
pdr #petersondentrepair #undented #paintlessdentremoval #paintlessdentrepair #pdrlifestyle #yelp #youtube
#dentdr #mobiledentrepair #USA

“PDR ~ Changing the world one dent at a time! " Knowledge is power!
Hello World I'm Garth Peterson, OWNER of Peterson Dent Repair aka (PDR).
PDR or Paintless Dent Repair or Removal is the repair of small and large non-standard dents. This Channel strives to be Entertaining, informative and educational.
I have specialized in paintless dent repair, or PDR, for more than 21 years now and have devoted these videos to helping others who want to learn this profession well. There isn’t a ton of Formal training out there for this field so I want to share my 21 years of experience and knowledge with others who are interested in learning and understanding the craft, or art of Paintless Dent Repair, aka PDR.
☺️ Thank you for supporting the channel! If you would like to help us improve, donations can be made to
And are so greatly appreciated! Sending much Love and Peace!✌️
Please leave a comment to let me know what you would like to see, hear or explain more. Thanks, I have a wonderful day! And thanks for all the positive comments
Thank you so much for watching our videos!
Our customers LOVE the fact that we put the work done to their car on YouTube !!!!
99% of the time when the customer is standing next to us, watching how this happens in action!

* these videos should not be interpreted as professional training videos, they are intended solely for entertainment purposes * per YouTube policy.

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