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3 Astronauts Stranded on ISS

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Стоматология Совершенная Улыбка, метро Свиблово, ежедневно с 9-00 до 21-00 скидки по купону на сайте: http://perfect-dent.ru/sale

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Why would the Russian Soyuz rocket failure that occurred yesterday, October 11th have a life-ending impact to the International Space Station?

What else could an agency that has spent nearly 60 years and trillions of tax dollars lying about the accomplishments it has made, do when the world they have been lying to starts to get wise to their fakery? Find reasons to dismantle the program by making it impossible for return trips to occur.

Sound familiar? Soon they’ll have more excuses explaining why the space station is no longer in use than they had for why NASA hasn’t been back to the moon in over 50 years since they first pretended to go.

Today It is a multi-level, multi-industry propaganda scam with the major players now playing hot potato with who will be left stuck holding the lie. Can NASA wiggle it’s way out before millions more Americans discover the lies they’ve been fed since childhood?

Only time will tell, but in the meantime let’s enjoy watching them pretend that they are still reputable and credible, while constantly leaving obvious clues proving otherwise

Music provided by Juice for Island Boy Productions
TRACK: Juice - ‘Lean’
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#HarveyDent #NASAFraud

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