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CSGO News | Death Threats to K0nfig, Snax Benched for Styko, Pasha's Future, EZ 4 ENCE and More

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Стоматология Совершенная Улыбка, метро Свиблово, ежедневно с 9-00 до 21-00 скидки по купону на сайте: http://perfect-dent.ru/sale

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It's never a good idea to send death threats, Snax officially benched, Pasha continues to hint at a different future and ENCE does what they have never done before.

00:20 - Snax Benched by Mousesports
00:59 - Pasha Statement Coming Soon
2:05 - Star Series S6 Was an Interesting Tournament...
3:47 - Viewership for Star Series Was NOT Good
4:37 - K0nfig Receives Death Threats After Loss
5:56 - Space Soldiers are Now Free
6:38 - OpTic India Qualify for EPL Asia
7:57 - Counterstrike Co-Founder Jess A. Cliffe Going to Jail

OpTic India for EPL: https://www.talkesport.com/news/optic-india-qualifies-for-esl-pro-league-s8-asia/
Snax Benched: http://www.mousesports.com/stories/styko-returns-to-starting-lineup
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