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Stock Market Crash 2019 [3 Strategies for Protection]

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How to be ready for a stock market crash in 2019 including the major risks to stocks and investing strategies to protect and grow your money. Check out these 5 Safe Investments in a Stock Market Crash https://youtu.be/FTelMbNyd1Y

The stock market has been crazy lately, swinging from gains to massive losses. Whether this is a correction or the start of a bear market in stocks, you need to be ready for what comes next.
I’d digging into my ten years as an equity analyst to reveal the major stock market risks in 2019 including the three reasons stocks are falling and how it could cause a crash next year. We’ll also look at the history of bear markets so you know what to look for before getting mauled.

I did this every year with wealthy clients and institutional funds when I worked as an equity analyst, reviewing the major risks ahead of the new year and how to invest. Not only will we look at the risks of a 2019 stock market crash but I’ll show you three ways to invest that will protect your money and help it grow no matter what the market does.

Within those 2019 stock market strategies, I’ll reveal my three favorite stock picks for deep value and how to find other investments for your portfolio. I’m also answering questions during the live stream but if you’re watching the video later, leave your question in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to answer it.

2019 could be a turning point for investors with stocks near all-time highs but looking very risky. I’m not saying there will be a recession in 2019 but it’s a good possibility and there doesn’t have to be for stock prices to fall. Understand the warning signs of a stock market crash and the strategies that will make money.

The doomsayers like Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers and Harry Dent might call the warning signs of a stock market crash but they won’t tell you how to invest. I combine stock market 2019 predictions with how to invest in 2019 for your complete market guide.

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.

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